vertical apps

Entertainment, Hospitality, enterprise and venues

Accelerate your app vision to market using our platform solutions for Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail, Sports and Venues.  Our platform includes robust features and functions which are configurable.  If required, customizations can be executed to ensure your app is unique and meets your concept specifications.  Integration to third party applications and or data service providers will provide user experiences unique interactions,  and opportunities for monetization. 




See exactly how your app users are interacting with specific apps or targeted campaigns with analytics. 


Drive more app downloads to grow your user base. Launch, measure and optimize your campaigns in real time.


Just hold up your phone, and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings. So no matter where you are, there's always a richer, deeper experience to engage with, explore and enjoy. 


Chat rooms, message boards, comment sections, “friend-lists”, ensure communication within user app groups.


Roll out your application’s content and feature updates from within an intuitive admin panel. Change the look, feel, and contents of your mobile application in one place, and roll out your updated application.


Engage your app users with pools, surveys, games to increase interaction and loyalty.


Leverage the insights and benefits that are provided by geolocation. In any environment and in any relationship, geolocation can be used to send targeted alerts and notifications, promotions and location data. 



Integrate to third-party applications and or hardware technology via standard services or API.


Bring locations to life with customizable mobile maps or integrate to industry specific mapping tools.


Maximize your investment in user acquisition by engaging app users with context- and location-aware mobile campaigns.


Intuitive indoor navigation options at your facility, venue, or event. Use the device’s built-in hardware to get app users to where they need to go faster and more conveniently.


Send your customers or clients targeted notifications based on how they use your application, what their interests are, their demographics, and their location. 


App users can log in with their social network, share exclusive in-app news and features on their social media accounts, and invite their friends to use your application with the touch of a button.


Bring your venue to life with interactive mapping and navigation that guides app users indoors and out with optimal routing to their destination. Add custom points of interest for your facility and serve users relevant, personalized content based on their location.


bespoke apps


YOUR VISION, delivered

Our designers and developers ensure your app is one of kind, above and beyond, in the market. Wether native iOS, Android or a cross-platform hybrid app,  M Strategy will deliver on time, within budget and always with style!