Taking your brand mobile is a strategic business decision.  With a myriad of branding and technology options, mobile platforms, features and functions, third party integration, security, uptime and ongoing maintenance and support, there are many decisions to be considered and made.  We provide leadership and experience to assist you in bringing your brand to market, using the right technology, user experiences and provide ongoing support. 



From concept to actualization, our streamlined process ensures Bespoke solutions are visioned and documented. Our workshops are lead by multidisciplinary team members chartered to deliver a cohesive blueprint to move your mobile vision to development.  


solution management

Solution management and oversight focus on app usability, performance and maintenance.  

Staying close to mobile users is key to interaction and engagement.  We apply methodologies including journey mapping, usability and benchmarking testing to gain important insights for exceptional customer experiences and app performance.  

Ensuring your app is current is pivotal.  We provide post release app maintenance and monitoring services to our customers, including regression testing for software upgrades, new device testing, backwards compatibility testing, release management, bug fixing and other post- production activities, including new feature development.